For Brenda...

Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog? Yuck! I don't like chocolate period and I recently read a recipe for egg nog which might have turned me off forever
Does Santa wrap the presents or just set them under the tree? Santa sets them under the tree but he doesn't bring very many gifts! Mom and Dad want the credit they deserve
Colored or white lights on the tree/house? white on the tree. I don't have any on the house given we have an apartment but I want little colored ones to make it look like a gingerbread house when we do get one
When do you decorate? the weekend after Thanksgiving
What is your favorite holiday dish? sausage balls!! I could eat them for every meal
Favorite Holiday memory as a child? don't know if this is my favorite but my grandmother would not allow the baby Jesus figure to be in the navity scene until Christmas day. He had to travel around the house on his way to Bethlehem.
Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve? We open on Christmas morning
What kind of cookies do you set out for Santa on Christmas Eve? never set out any cookies
Snow! Love it or hate it? I like it on the ski slope but not where I live
Can you ice skate? sure
What is the most important thing about the holidays for you? celebrating, including the birth of our savior, a time to be with loved ones, and the generosity and cheerfulness this time of year brings out in people
What’s your favorite holiday dessert? not big on dessert
What type of tree? Real, unless allergies preclude this
Which do you prefer, giving or receiving? Giving, there is always certain presents I am so excited about giving because I am so sure the person will love it
What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Candy Canes, YUCK or YUM? I'm with Brenda, I only like the multi-colored ones
Favorite All-Time Gift? Samantha, the American Girl Doll. Kara and I could hardly contain ourselves that year


Auntie Eisel said...

Once again, lots of fun to read! I think you're crazy for not liking chocolate though. But what can I say? I guess everybody's different.

BrendaW said...

WOW, Thank you for doing that. It was fun to read and very insightful. Did you add that last question yourself? I wish I had the problem of not liking chocolate and dessert. Hope you have a blessed hoilday season. Merry Christmas!!

Future Uncle said...

I'm proud of you for going no presents on Christmas Eve. Only one and all the rest for Christmas morning. I like that lava-ish lamp and I want a post dedicated to me next time. Or maybe to Charles Pinckney.

CrazyUncle said...

All of y'all that prefer giving need peoples on whom to give things. Consider your Uncle a valid and worthy recipient.

BrendaW said...

I noticed that you changed your Santa to a snowglobe. Very cute