Two Thoughts, One Post

Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve Gift!!!

I am so excited about Christmas. It should be a great time plus I get all next week off. We are planning on leaving the day after Christmas for Durango Mountain Resort (formerly Purgatory)! We got a condo that looks pretty nice and has a hot tub and indoor pool. The only problem with this ski trip is that there seems to be very little snow at this particular resort. Check out the snow report. If it stays like this, we plan on skiing maybe one day there while Ashley and Josh learn and then head down to Wolf Creek. It is a long drive but will probably be the only chance at real skiing until next year (and no I don't mean January). All in all, it should be a fun trip with the Ward's. Please PRAY for SNOW!!!

Katie's blog jogged my memory of a funny story from this summer. Justin and I were wanting to meet some more couple friends. They are hard to come by. We attended a friend's wedding and reception and hung out with one couple the whole time because none of us knew many people other than the bride and groom. We thought we had a good time and I even joked with Justin about getting their number. Well, when we all got up to leave, Peter (the guy of the couple) handed me his business card with his cell phone number and said to call them sometime to hang out. I was like, wow, we just picked up a couple! Unfortunately, we hung out a few times but just didn't hit it off. I think it was the let's go play putt-putt in the middle of the summer idea that threw me :) I just can't take the heat.

But, all joking aside, I hope Katie's friend turns out to be a better match.


Future Uncle said...

Purgatory doesn't get snow I thought. Maybe somebody missed the memo. Y'all should come play golf here in the middle of the summer. Instead of 100 degrees with crazy humidity, you can have 117 degrees with no moisture what so ever.

Auntie Eisel said...

I hope it snows for you!!

Aaron, Kara, and Walker said...

Although I am envious of your trip, I am hoping that it snows and you have a fabulous time. See you on Christmas, best babysitter ever. Walker said no one has helped him more through his fussy time than Aunt Lindsay. He saves it up just for you!

Mimi & Poppy said...

Kara -- you know I'll read this! "Best babysitter ever?" Should you give that title to anyone? You know the rest of us will be jealous -- especially me. Mostly if it starts with "best" and ends with "ever" I expect it to be referring to her precious self!