Journey to Durango

I think this post is a little late but I know everyone is dying to know about ski trip. We drove up to Durango on December 26. It was just Justin and me at that time. The condo was cute with a little spiral staircase up to the bedroom. As predicted there was no snow at Purgatory which was about 5 miles from the condo. So for two days we drove the 2 hours over to Wolf Creek to get some skiing in. Wolf Creek was super crowded with lots of lift lines but we managed to have fun anyway. We also rode the Durango-Silverton Narrow Guage Railroad. That was a great time and Justin loved it!!! Of course we did some shopping and eating out. We found a better Mexican place than the usual which is where we ate on New Year's Eve. We skied the last day we were there at Purgatory. There wasn't much open but it snowed 9 inches the night before so it was nice snow. We rented ski blades which are the short skies and had fun playing on those. Purgatory is a pretty cool resort with a wonderful view of the good ole San Juan's. All in all we had a great time!! Oh yeah, Justin's family encountered some mishaps along the way and was unable to join us.

This weekend we had a fun celebration at Texas de Brazil where Justin ate himself silly! I got him some new shoes, an arm band radio, and a Cowboy's sweatshirt. I think he likes his radio best but not for the purpose I intended it.

I've been having technical difficulties but hopefully pictures will soon follow. I have some cute ones especially of the train trip.


CrazyUncle said...

Lindsay, you tease. Now I will be wondering what purpose the arm band radio serves other than that for which you imagined. If it's not to listen to radio, what else could it be? It's too small to make effective water wings. It doesn't (I don't think) have a built-in camera. It's too lightweight to be used in his juggling act. I guess I'll just have to ponder this.

Auntie Eisel said...

I'm glad you had fun skiing!!

Lindsay said...

If you must know, I intended Justin to use it while exercising however, he prefers to use it instead of watching what I am watching on TV.