Christmas in Review

We had a great Christmas!! We spent Christmas Eve with Justin's family. We watched the Cowboys, went to church, ate, and opened presents. Opps, almost forgot that rousing game of Taboo! Then on Christmas, we went over to my parent's house in time for Mommy's wonderful breakfast of Chaska House french bread. For those of you who have never had it, ask her to make it next time your in town! When Kara, Aaron, and Walker arrived, we opened more presents. Then we prepared for dinner, ate it, and talked. It was a great time!!

Among the highlights of my presents were ski boots from Justin's grandmom, a beautiful piece of art from Kara and Aaron, and a brand new car from my wonderful husband!

unfortunately, the car was supposed to be here as a surprise on Christmas morning. But some dumb test driver backed into the car Justin had bought while it was still on the lot. Toyota had to have another one shipped in. It is now getting leather seats put in and we are going to pick it up on Friday morning! I can't wait!!

We left for Durango on Monday after Christmas and just got back this Monday. More to follow on that trip in the next post. I am waiting to get pictures off our camera.

Yesterday was Justin's 24th birthday. We went out with some friends for dinner but the real celebration is this weekend. We are going to Texas de Brazil and he will get presents then.


BrendaW said...

Sounds like you made out for Christmas. Zachary's birhtday is today and we are having his celebration this weekend. He requested homemade tamales so my brother is coming over to help me make them.

Future Uncle said...

Talk about a Christmas present. Who, what, or where is Texas de Brazil?

Ben said...

Texas de BRazil is about the best place ever! I don't remember much about it which probably means I'm long over due for another visit but it's got something to do with large trays of lots of different kinds of meat and all you can eat.

CrazyUncle said...

I wish you had posted this sooner. I would have liked a car for my birthday, too.