My First Race (Updated with pictures)

We had a very exciting Saturday this weekend. First, I ran in the Dash Down Greenville 5K while Justin watched. It was my first race and I had a lot of fun! My New Year's resolution was to run a 5K, so I've been training and finally did it! After the race, we watched the St. Paddy's Day parade which went right past where the race started. Then we went home, cleaned up and went to watch the Baylor Lady Bears play OU in the Big XII championship game at reunion arena. E&Y bought us tickets and my friend said she would leave them at will call under my name. Turns out they could not find my tickets. They even tried to give me another E&Y lady's tickets. Finally, the manager person came out and gave us different tickets.It turned out good because the E&Y tickets were upper level and we ended up on the third row. Unfortunately, we lost the game. We spent Sunday recovering from our exciting day. The rest of this week has just been work.

We have started watching Amazing Race (not sure what season) on the Game Show Network. It is hard to keep up with two races at the same time! Plus, the GSN race comes on everyday from Wednesday to Sunday so it takes up a lot of time. But I'm sure all you 24 addicts understand the need to keep watching :)

Oh, just for grins...Justin and I had been wanting some bar stools for our apartment. One day we saw 4 stools sitting outside the trash receptacle in the courtyard. We looked around, grabbed two, and took them home! Moral of the story... One man's trash may also look pretty tempting to 2 dudes who happen to stroll past on the way to the car! Let me finish by saying, the stools were not old, smelly, or broken. Only slightly wobbly.

Me and Lindsay during the parade

Justin and Paul during the parade

A green dog just seems wrong!


BrendaW said...

good job on the race. I wish I was that motivated. So how fast can you do a 5k in? I must admit the green dog is a little wierd.

Zachary said...

I love the green dog! I will likely never run a 5k, although I think that I currently walk at least that far in my average 10 hours at work as the door runner! It's cool that it takes 10 hours for me to do it. I still feel good about myself!

Auntie Eisel said...

Wow, what's up with the dog? Sounds like you had fun! I love looking at pictures!

CrazyUncle said...

Wow! 5K is more than I can dream of. I was in a 3K once. Well, we just called it KKK, but that's another story.

Future Uncle said...

I can walk the length of 5 "k"'s as long as they're short.