Go Mavs!!!!

Yeah, the Mavericks are now the Western Conference Champions! It has been a long road full of late nights but now it is worth it. My sleep deprived state from faithfully watching 3 rounds of the playoffs is not in vain! I got a new Dirk top to celebrate the victory. It only cost $15 since I got a youth size. I had been wanting it but decided to wait to until next season. But after Saturday night, I thought why not??? I can't wait to wear it on Thursday as we watch the Mavs take on Shaq and the Heat.

I know Uncle Randy was being nice but take that Tim Thomas.

Isn't he cute??


Zachary said...

I have to say, I just wish I fully understood the sports enthusiasm some people possess! Glad you're enjoying yourself! Are we going to get to see you while we're in Dallas??

Katie80 said...

I haven't been a Mavs fan very long, but I will share in your enthusiasm. And JET *should* be looking very happy. Once he came back in, he was tearin' it up!!
Zachary will be here for most of the Finals, so I'm not sure if we'll get to watch much.

Mimi & Poppy said...

So can I sell your leather pants or not?

Mimi & Poppy said...

Daddy has 4 tickets to the Sunday night Mavs game -- for him and 3 clients. So great for him. So sad for us!
How much should I ask for your pants?

CrazyUncle said...

I remember when Kathie sold my pants. Of course, I wish I hadn't been wearing them at the time. And why did it have to be at church?