We are quickly discovering the joys of home ownership. For the past few days, I have been drying my hair in the kitchen. Why you might ask...because evidently all the plugs in the back of the house are tied to the same fuse and that fuse is tied to the air conditioner. So when you start blow drying in the bathroom...everything goes black. I think I have devised a plan to bypass this troublesome fuse and still see in a mirror for drying my hair. I'll let you know if my plan works out.

We also had a garage door fiasco. It basically fell off. But you should be happy to know...the garage door fix-it man said I had correctly diagnosed the problem. We don't have an opener yet so we had been opening it by hand. The handle is way to one side. So whenever we opened it, I noticed that side went up first. Well, I guess the door didn't like this and the whole support system on that side fell off the ceiling. So no more garage until we get an opener.

But we are also enjoying having our own place. We are going to paint the study this evening. Yes, we are attempting this without supervision! After being trained by the best (my dad), I think we are ready. I am also enjoying our new fridge. For some reason, that purchase makes the place feel like my own. Maybe b/c I have never had a nice fridge or maybe b/c of the investment!

One last thing...GO MAVS!!! They need our encouragement right now.


mr.chile said...

Congratulations on the new house! It's so much fun! Yes, we are alive! I have been reading your comments and I will post, I promise! Oh yeah, go suns! :)

Scraps of Life said...

New fridges are great. Especially when they are full of food. Congrats on home ownership

Mr. & Mrs. Dishmon said...

Thanks! It sounds like you guys are having too much "fun" with the house! I bet it will look great though once you get it all painted and everything. Can't wait to see it! I guess Josh and I will have to make a trip to Texas @ the end of the summer....and now we can just say with ya'll!

Alison said...

We need to see some pics of the house once it is finished. Sorry to here about the Mavs, I was secretly hoping they would do well. My parents do not allow me to wear my Mavs shirt, my Mom even went and bought me a Suns shirt.