Last week was super busy. I am so glad that my job does not require much traveling b/c it is exhausting plus I miss my Justin. I left last Sunday night for Houston and got back Wednesday night. I attended 3 days of training classes. Our classes are not so much actual job training but more like continuing education. Then on Thursday I went to Waco for the day to visit a client. But then we did get to have a nice weekend.

I ran in the Too Hot to Handle 15K on Saturday morning. It was really tough b/c it was really too hot to handle :) I finished a little over what I predicted but still did fine in my book. But on the way home I started feeling really nauseous and got a bad headache. I had to drink alot of water and lie in bed for a while. I was tired all day but felt fine when I woke up on Sunday.

On Sunday, we went over to my parents to pick up Atticus and got in the pool for a few hours while we were there. We are keeping Atticus for a few days while my parents are with Ben at Tech orientation. I am not that excited about it but I am letting him in the house. I put a blanket over the couch to try and keep the hair contained. That is one of my main problems with having a dog. It seems like everything you own has dog hair on it. No pictures from this weekend so here are some more from vacation.

A little guy wishing us a safe drive on our way out Saturday morning.

Justin thinks this one should be on an atlas cover.

Getting ready for the hike.


Auntie Eisel said...

You and your crazy running! Tell Atticus hi for me. Even if you don't like keeping dogs, you've gotta admit that he's cute! That picture really does look like it should be on an atlas cover. That's funny.

CrazyUncle said...

You posted again! Thanks. Hey, I even thought that the Ourayce was too hot to handle. Still, I'm glad you are keeping going with the running.

Zachary said...

I once ran downstairs to grab the atlas. As you can see, you and I are very similar!