Sshhhh....It's a Secret

Well, technically it's only a secret from my co-workers. I got a promotion yesterday. They are telling us individually but the promotions will not be announced to the firm until next week. I am now a Tax Senior which means I am no longer the lowest man on the totem pole. It wasn't much of a surprise though. In public accounting, promotions are given to a large group of people at once and the new role is always effective October 1. So I guess I still have a couple of months until I am actually a senior. But over the last few months, I have been transitioning to the senior role on many projects already. So the best part is just the promotion bonus and pay raise! I found out the bonus yesterday and will find out my compensation adjustment in September. Most of the staff that started near the time I did will also get promotions. Then we all get to go to training together. We are hoping for a fun destination!

Tomorrow is Activities Day at E&Y. We are going to the Four Seasons in Las Colinas for an activity of choice and then you can use all the facilities like pool and workout room. I had signed up for a spa treatment but evidently my RSVP got lost. So I don't have an activity right now. So I am trying to decide if I go anyway or just stay home?.? Either way it should be a nice day.


Mimi & Poppy said...

Wonderful news! Congrats. Can you take your mom to Activities Day -- cause I can be alot of fun if I try! Do you want me to just call them up and make them let you go to the spa? Because I can do that. I'll call them right up.

Brenda said...

Congrats on not being the low man on the totem pole. A spa day sounds wonderful. Hope it all works out.

CrazyUncle said...

That is good news. If you keep getting promoted and I keep getting laid off, I may be coming to live with you. Is that a threat? You'll have to interpret it for yourself. I don't think so, but I am prejudiced.