My Exciting Weekend Plans

Well, it is official now! I am tax senior with E&Y. They made the announcements today although through email so again, not very exciting. But I am getting lots of congrats from my co-workers.

We are going over to my parents house tonight for a going away dinner for Benny. he is leaving for Texas Tech tomorrow. Can you believe he is that old?? I know I can't. Then on Saturday we are going to a friends wedding. Other than that, just house cleaning and what not for the weekend.

Oh yeah, Justin and his dad will spend another day in our attic fixing the wiring in our house. We should be getting new plugs in the bathrooms, kitchen, garage, and outside. That means I can dry my hair in the bathroom, use the dishwasher in the kitchen, and buy a garage door opener!


The Grandparents said...

Lindsay, congratulations on your promotion, bonus, raise, fun day, and whatever other good stuff is happening. We really enjoyed you and Justin in Ouray. One more promotion and you should be able to fund our Ouray family reunion. I'll appreciate that! Come see us sometime.
Love you,

CrazyUncle said...

Congrats on the promotion. Tax Senior, huh? Does that means that, two years ago, you were a Tax Sophomore? Is Tax Masters next?

Congrats on the new wiring, too. Just be sure that you get the order right on your ideas. Do not put the door opener in the kitchen or the dishwasher in the bathroom, OK?