Merry Christmas!

I kept meaning to post but I have been so swamped at the office and then weekends have been busy with Christmas parties and shopping. We are almost done with our Christmas an odd twist, we have only Papa and Sophie June left. That was a quote from Justin. But I also have to get Justin something for Christmas and his birthday. I am hoping this week goes fast and I know it will b/c I am taking Friday off. Then no working until January 2nd! Oh, we also finally got blinds for our house last week. They look really good! You can see the ones on the front window in the picture with our tree. Actually, there is a before and after :) Enjoy the pictures.

Walker and his hot dog at Santa's Village

Walker did not like the sleigh ride!

But he did like the puppies.

Our tree (after blinds)

Our beautiful lights! Thanks Justin!

Our tree (before blinds)


Brenda said...

I hope this week goes by fast for you. I can't wait for Emily's first Christmas. Although I know for sure she will only be interested in the boxes and paper.

brenda said...

could you give me your address so I can send you a christmas card.

Auntie Eisel said...

Thanks for all the pictures! Congrats on the blinds. What do you mean Walker didn't like the sleigh ride... he looks so happy! :)

Kyle and Lyndsay said...

I like your decorations and the blinds. Cute pictures of Walker!