We had a wonderful holiday season! It will finally be over tonight after the office holiday party. The party is tonight at the Adam's Mark downtown. I got a new dress this year since it is cocktail attire. I actually already wore it on New Year's Eve but I am going to put a little different spin on it with heels and such. We had a really fun New Year's Eve party. A bunch of our friends came over and we celebrated together complete with sparklers. Other than that I have been preparing for my marathon! I am getting nervous but excited at the same time. I got new shoes for Christmas and have done 2 long runs in them so they should be perfectly broken in. I also got some race shorts that have pockets to hold all my stuff (mp3, gu, etc..). Enjoy the pictures!

Walker and his piggy bank on Christmas. He was serious about getting those quarters in.

Uncle Justin and Sophie June.

Sophie June and Grandmummy June.

Before the New Year's Eve Party.

At the party.

Lindsay and me before the party.



CrazyUncle said...

Ooo. Sparklers. Always a perennial favorite.

Hey, are you really in that picture with Kara and Justin or did someone do some Photoshop magic? Doesn't it look like you are pasted in?

Well, I guess it's back to regular life Monday, huh? Except for coming out here to PHX to wear out your new shoes. See you here.

Auntie Eisel said...

Getting a new dress is always very exciting. :) It does look like you're pasted into that picture! Sparklers are great, aren't they?

Aaron, Kara, Walker, and Sophie June said...

What a fun party! And I'm aware that not only are you NOT pasted into the picture, but it is actually a picture of you with Aaron and me rather than Justin and me. Run well this weekend!

Aaron, Kara, Walker, and Sophie June said...

You should check out Stephen and Haley's blog post from Dec 12. It has a recounting of the white rock marathon that I think you might enjoy!

The Grandparents said...

I have posted a blog picture which seems to clarify questions generated above.

Kyle and Lyndsay said...

I like the new dress and the pictures! See you this weekend!