Rock 'N' Roll Here I Come

The countdown is 3 days! I am so excited. We are leaving tomorrow for Phoenix. Then the marathon is on Sunday! I have been seeing a sports chiropractor for my knee and it is feeling better. Of course, I also have been tapering so I haven't been running as much either. So I am not sure which is helping more but either way I am feeling better. The weather is supposed to be almost perfect. 40 at the start with a high of 69. I am hoping I finish before it hits 69 though.

You can track me or just see my results after the race if you are interested. The race starts at 7:40 Phoenix time and I expect it to take me at least 5 hours. The link below will lead you to the marathon home page. Then click on live results. My race number is 10384. It will show splits as I cross the 10K, half marathon, 21 mile mark, and finish line just 60 seconds after I pass. Then of course the final results will be posted on the same website by Sunday evening.

I will post again after the race with all the details.