I hated to be so far down on the update list on Randy's blog...so here you go. I am back at work for the I don't know...20th day in a row! Our goal is to not work this weekend so pray that we meet that. The team is getting beat down, myself included. It has been 9:00 nights every day and then at least 5 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday.

I got kicked out of my cubicle last week as well. Evidently, my cube was more desirable than I was aware of and the new manager that is starting gets my cube. At first, I was only annoyed b/c I obviously had no time to move my cube last week and the cube on the other side of mine is empty. Why couldn't she sit there? It is like 5 steps away. But then my good friend at work mentioned that the cube across from her is empty and that I should move there. Great idea! So now I am very happy with my new spot. That was my excitement for the week.

Oh, and I ran 11 miles Saturday morning, watched the Mavs lose Saturday night, went to church Sunday morning, and spent some much needed time with my hubby on the couch on Sunday night.

Two new pictures that are random...

The Dallas Snowstorm of 2008 (with me on the porch)

Justin and his niece and nephew


CrazyUncle said...

I definitely understand. I got kicked out of my cubicle, too. In fact, I was kicked all the way home, so at least you can still sit near a friend. Keep the faith.