I forgot to mention that we did not get into the NIKE race in San Francisco. Amanda was in this week though from Connecticut. So we discussed doing the Big Sur Half Marathon instead. It is in Monterey and looks like a beautiful course. You can check it out at http://www.bigsurhalfmarathon.org/site4.aspx


I thought it was about time for an update. So I did run with my group that night...6 miles...and 6 miles the next Tuesday. Then we started working late. Since last week, the Sally Team has been working until at least 9 every night and on Saturday and Sunday as well. I should hit the 70 hour mark for this week by the end of the day. We are right in the middle of the project so at least another week of this. On top of that, Justin has mono. He has been sick for almost 2 weeks now. Poor guy has to go to work, feel horrible, and then come home and wait for me until around 9:30. But it is Friday, so we are planning on getting out of here around 6:30. Then we are having a birthday get-to-together for Kara. It is also supposed to be a beautiful weekend, low 70's for the high and sunny. So I am looking forward to our 12 mile run tomorrow morning. That will about all my fun for the weekend b/c it is back to work on Saturday at noon. Love you all.

Oh, one more thing...I ordered and received a new charger for my camera this week (My third one for this same camera. But it has been 4 years) so hopefully, I will have pictures again soon.


CrazyUncle said...

I wish I could go to work for you no Sat. No, I mean, I REALLY wish I could go for you. Ah well. So, I guess this Scolioga is still helping your physical conditioning, huh? That's good. Now, get to photographing for those of us whose weekend's will no longer be in the 70s.

Aaron, Kara, Walker, and Sophie June said...

Yuck! At least you get to run. I think I might cry if my week consisted of working and running. Of course, the party with me would probably get me through to the end! =)

Anonymous said...

Your new run sounds very nice. Maybe I can talk Zachary into coming down and cheering you on! If gas prices go down that is.