Mom's on a Stick

I was in charge of the trivia or game during our long run this past Saturday. In honor of Mother's Day, I decided to have the team play Mom's on a Stick. I made 10 mom's on sticks (forks) using pictures of my friends mom's, Aunt Kathie, and of course my mom. Then I put them around the lake. The runners had to find my mom to win. But none of them have met my mom so it was just guessing. Everyone had fun but most groups choose one of the blonde mom's as my mom.

Aunt Kathie on a stick.

Mommy on a stick.

All the Mom's.

I also went to one of my best friends Amanda's wedding shower Saturday afternoon. Here are some pictures of that.

Me and Amanda.

Amanda with her pinata...she is getting married in Mexico...hence the theme.


Mr. & Mrs. Dishmon said...

The shower looks fun! Congrats on finishing your race. I have been training some...not as much as I would like...the weather here has been super crappy....real cold and raining a lot. Its been hard to get out and run. It is suppose to get better this week so hopefully I can get back to running outside. I feel like I will never be able to run that far though. Any tips/suggestions?

Aaron, Kara, Walker, and Sophie June said...

Wow! You are such a crafsty girl lately! I am impressed with your creativity. What are you wearing to Paige's wedding. We can discuss this via phone -- just wondered.

Brenda said...

Looks like a fun run. Maybe I should try and get into a group thing to keep me motivated.

Zachary said...

That does look like an exciting game, but what is wrong with Aunt Kathie's hand????