On Saturday, after working for much of the day, we went over to my parents house and hung out with them and Kara and the kids. Nothing too exciting but I did get some cute pics and we had fun spending time together.

This Sunday I ran in the Heels and Hills half marathon. I saw one of my running buddies at the start line so I ended up running with her (Sadie) and her sister (Liz). We took it pretty slow and had a good time along the way. Liz got sick right at the finish line and ended up having to get oxygen. We did get cool pink running shirts and pink finisher's medals. So I thought it was worth it...hope Liz did too.

Sophie June wearing her present and eating her wrapping.

Walker showing Justin his gloves.


Look at that smile...precious.

Before the race.

After the race...I'm holding up my medal.

Me crossing the finish line.

Me running...I put this up because for once I only look mildly retarded while running.


CrazyUncle said...

Wow. You get a pair of pick shorts for a half-marathon? Would they have been pedal-pushers if it was a full one? Four pics of kids and four of marathonish stuff. Good balance. Thanks for the update.

Aaron, Kara, Walker, and Sophie June said...

I really like that cool headband!

CrazyUncle said...

Oops. I meant pink, not pick. Sorry.