Cancun Trip and Flowerbed

I have been trying to post this for about a week. I had a bad week at work...well not so much bad as just I spent all week there, literally, over 60 hours.

So I didn't mention that Justin, me, and Ben spent about 3 weekends (me only 1 weekend) digging and planting a new flowerbed. It ended up looking pretty good if I do say so myself. And as promised....Cancun pics. Just visit the link below. You will see us snorkeling, at the wedding, lounging on the beach, boggie boarding, posing, and me and Amanda parasailing. We had a great time! I got to do so many things I had never done before since my family didn't take many beach vacations growing up! Below are a few of my favorite pics from the trip as well. On our snorkel trip, we took underwater photos so you can see some of the fish and the sting ray we saw if you look carefully :)

Chillin' in the ocean

Amanda and me after her wedding

Our hotel beach

Justin on the moped

Me on the snorkeling trip

Our new flower bed

A close up


Brenda said...

Your pictures are great! I know your flower bed will look even more gorgeous when it is in full bloom. Looks like your vacation was a blast