4th of July Weekend

Justin and I spent the weekend in east Texas with his family at his parent's land. Josh, his girlfriend, Ashley, Billy and the girls, grandma and papa, and Kelly and Susan were all there. On Saturday we had a big cook out on the firepit grill.

We also rode the four-wheeler and mule.

Ashley laid in the hammock...

and Kelly continued to lay shingles.

On Sunday, we went fishing...and caught nothing.

Here is a view from the back of the field. Here is the cute front porch.

Here is one of Walker...because he is such a good swimmer.


CrazyUncle said...

That was not nice of you to call your husband a mule. Well, I guess whatever works for your marriage.

Zachary said...

That looks like a fun weekend! At least you had clear skies, we have so much smoke that I can hardly breathe!

Kyle and Lyndsay said...

Looks like a nice, relaxing 4th of July. I love the picture of Walker by the way!