My Blog List

I am sure some of you already noticed that I added a new feature to my site. This feature will allow us all to see exactly how long it has been since a given member of the WEBNET has updated. It also allows us to see who is the LAST person that has updated...of course some WEBNET members have been entirely removed from my listing for not posting. So the winner mother...with 9 months since her last post.

There seems to be a problem with the new feature right now...but when it is working...I think it is really cool. Another thing it allows us to do is only go to your own blog and see from the link list whose websites you need to visit. I found out Lauri and Caleb had both updated using the new feature (sorry, I rarely check on you guys since you are slackers).


Brenda said...

That's a cool feature. I guess I need to add it to mine now too. Thanks for the idea.

Katie said...

I'm surprised I even made the list. I think my blog might be dead. What's the cut off? Do I need to update within the next 4 months to stay in the "active" category? :)
Cool feature!!

The McGuire's said...

I'm surprised I made the list as well, oh wait no I'm not, stalker.