New Look...Again

Ok, I promise I am not blog template changing happy...well, maybe just a little. But the truth is I had switched my Internet Explorer to version 7 and that made the template I made look good on my computer and everyone else's. Then I noticed that I could not submit expenses at work through our program. When I spoke with EY help, I was told the expense system is not compatible with 7. So I had to switch back to 6 b/c reimbursement is more important than blogging (imagine that). I did not want to look at a messed up blog while everyone else looked at a good one. So I changed to a professional template that hopefully works on both. I did customize the header though :) So hope you like the new look. I will post again hopefully tomorrow. I have pictures from last weekend. Justin and I have been sick this week (had to stay home from work for 2 days). So that is the reason for the lack of posting despite many fun happenings!


CrazyUncle said...

Your new format looks good on Safari on Macs, too. Thanks for switching. No, get those "fun" photos posted for us. Glenrose was nice, but it's time for something new.

Brenda said...

Your format looks great on firefox on my Mac. Looking forward to hearing about your fun happenings.