Fun Happenings

Over labor day weekend, Justin and I tore up the carpet in our den and the linoleum in our kitchen. Then Daddy and Justin laid peel and stick tiles in the whole area. It looks great! While Daddy and Justin worked, Mommy made us new curtains for the den. Thanks for a great birthday present! My birthday was on Friday. To celebrate, Justin, me, Kara, Aaron, and the kids went down to Waco for the Baylor game. We ate at one of my favorite places, Ninfa's. We had fun and Baylor won! Walker loved the game and was mesmerized by everything that was going on. Sophie June hated the Baylor game :( The loud speaker scared her and she cried every time it came on. So they left at halftime. But we stayed for the whole game. We went down for the game last week as well but Baylor lost that one. We got season tickets so there are many more fun times in Waco to come. We are already planning which places we want to eat before each game.

New Kitchen Floor (I can't find a before)

New Den Floor

Close Up

Me at the game last week

Sophie June on her first Ninfa's visit

Go Baylor!

Dancing at the game


CrazyUncle said...

Hey, is that the place where they sell those delicious miniature chocolates? You know, Teeny Mutant Ninfa Turtles?

Anyway, the floor looks nice. I'm glad they got it done. However, I do not see any curtains in the second photo. What happened? Did you aged mother fall asleep while she was working on them? Ha ha.

Thanks for the photos and the update.

Caleb said...

Happy Birthday. I think that I'd be in Sophie June's shoes. Loud speakers scare me and I cry every time one comes on. Way to go on the floor.