It was time...

We've had an exciting week so far. On Tuesday, we left work around 5 and went to the State Fair of Texas for Dr. Pepper night. That only means you get in for $3 instead of $14. We had a great time and ended up staying until it closed. We had Jack's fries, fried queso bites, a corn dog (me), fried grilled cheese (Justin), and a funnel cake...yummy! I forgot to mention one of the main reasons for going to the fair is to eat the fried food :) We also saw the parade, the light show, the auto show, and of course Big Tex.

Wednesday night, we had small group at our house and served chicken tetrazzini to all 11 people in our group. That is always a great way to spend an evening.

I've been a little sick this week with allergies evidently. I went to the doctor b/c I was sure I had a sinus infection since my face was literally hurting from the pressure. I didn't have an infection. I got a steroid shot and I felt alot better the next morning (Tuesday). But I am still congested and not feeling great and it is almost Friday. I did feel well enough this morning to go on a run for the first time since last Saturday. Which is good since I have a 13 mile run scheduled for this Saturday.

On the work front, we started the Sally provision this week. So we will be working at least on Sunday (maybe Saturday too) and late nights tomorrow and next week. Hopefully, it will go better than expected.

And a pic...she is already into reading :)


CrazyUncle said...

That is one smart girl. We should all read books upside down, back-to-front. We can then know where everything is going and not worry throughout the story.

I actually did read about a photographer who ony reviews his photos upside down. He said it allows him to review the composition without getting caught up in the photo's details.

Glad you felt well enough to run. Glad I feel well enough to read. No, not that I was sick, just glad I am not ;)