Weekend Update

This Saturday I ran on the E&Y team in the Tour de Fleurs. It is a 10K race (6.2 miles). The team portion takes the top 5 finishers from a team and counts their times to the total for the team. Our team got first place for corporate teams (my time did not contribute). I finished in 1:06 which was great for me! I ran right at 10:45 minute miles. The race finishes at the Dallas Arboretum so we walked around there and visited all the tents and such that were set up for the race.

This morning I did my first "shadow" day for teaching in the New Creations area at our church. The New Creations area is for newborns through 23 months. I am in the Creation Day 3 room which is 8 to 11 months. I am going to be the lead teacher in that room for the 11:00 service. So we will continue to go to the 9:30 service. We do a curriculum with the babies to teach them about creation, baby Jesus, and something else I can't remember. We are in the creation rotation right now which lasts for 13 weeks. The curriculum is basically singing songs to the babies with props such as puppets and toys that each baby gets to hold their own. The babies were so cute and I had alot of fun.

And now we are off to watch the Cowboys play the Packers at my parent's house.


CrazyUncle said...

What?!?! The Cowboys played the Packers at your folks' house? That must have been so exciting.

Congrats on your running time.