California - Big Sur Half

Justin and I got back from our California trip on Monday night. We had a great time and have tons of pics. I'm going to write about our trip in parts. This first part is about the Big Sur Half Marathon although it was on the last day we were in California. The race was so much fun. Amanda, Josh, and Justin walked me to the start at 7:05. They met me twice on the course, first on a bridge looking down on the runners, and then at the turn around point at mile 8. The race was beautiful going through downtown Monterey, downtown Pacific Grove, and along the Monterey peninsula coast. The weather was cloudy and drizzly for a lot of the race but that kept it cool and the sun out of my eyes. My final time was 2:31. My supporters were there at the finish line as well but they didn't make me walk home :) I got a cool finisher's medal that was designed by a local artist and a cute, orange running top. At the expo, I found the coolest thing. A lady makes charms customized for different races. I bought a Big Sur 1/2 charm and a pearl to go with it. She will make a charm for any race so I may get a few more for other races I've done. Here is a link if you want to get an idea of how it looks. It wouldn't let me me copy the picture from the site.

Here is a video Justin took of me finishing as well as some other cute pics from the race.

See the sign welcoming the runner's on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey ?

Looking down from the bridge around mile 2.5

At the 8 mile turn around...the waves were huge that day!

Click to enlarge...runner's on the course.

After the race with my medal


Brenda said...

Good job on the race! I am doing one on Thanksgiving day but not a 1/2

CrazyUncle said...

Wow! What great scenery for a race. Sounds like you had fun. And most exciting of all....a cute orange running top. I might even run 26 miles for one of those. The ugly ones are so depressing.

Momma Ward said...

Isn't it wonderful there! When we were there we walked all those places and I was worn out...don't even want to think about running it. Just one question, did you run up the hill to their apt?

marie said...

Hi Lindsay! Congrats on your finish...I could barely walk afterwards! My knees looked a little puffy.
Thank you for the compliment on the necklace...please email me at for a "treat."

Mr. & Mrs. Dishmon said...

What about the rest of the trip!!!!!

some guy said...

Yeah! Stop holding out on us! You tell her amp!