On the Job Front

So yesterday, my friend and colleague, pinged me to ask if I had heard about the recent firings/layoffs. I had not...I never know the latest office gossip. Two fellow tax seniors were let go this week. Their cubes are two rows over from mine and they are the same position as me. Although they were both in the personal financial area while I am in corporate. But still, we are viewed as the same position for the most part since we are only slightly specialized at my level. I had to go to Waco yesterday and rode down with a partner and a staff. The partner ask us what the office buzz was and if there were any concerns among the staff. We brought up the state of the economy and how that effects us. He explained to us that the firm has no plans for a "lay-off", that we have way too much work already sold for the next year to get rid of good people. I brought up the "rumor" and he said that although they may let people go sooner in this type of ecomomy, the one-off firings, are a natural occurance when things are not working out with an individual. So basically, those were more performance and economy based firings. Even still, the thought enters my mind, that has never entered before, that could be me. So I will shut-up, put my head down and work.

I will post about California tomorrow...I promise. I have been swamped at work since I got back.


Zachary said...

So, did you prepare this post at work in a text editor to make it look like you were working???

CrazyUncle said...

I'm glad you are still there. Scary times right now. And I should know...it is NO FUN looking for work. Of course, you have skills. Just think how tough it was for ME.