The Body

My group was running at White Rock Lake as usual on Saturday morning. We start at 7 am. We were running 6 miles and right near the 3 mile turn around point we saw the trail was blocked off by crime scene tape and there were numerous police and firemen standing around inside the taped off area. I saw something in the water and we joked that maybe that was a body. You couldn't really tell. When we got back to our meeting spot, everyone was talking about the body. Our coach had a picture on his iphone and some others had seen clothes stacked up by a tree. I told Justin my story when I got home and he did not believe we had really seen a body. So he scoured all weekend finding nothing to back up my story...until tonight. Here is a link to the story.
Police do not know what happened to her yet but I'll keep you posted if we find out.


CrazyUncle said...

Thank you! Finally, some corroboration that running that much is not good for you. OK, sorry. This was a real person, and my sympathies to the family and friends. For you, though, maybe you can become, like, a psychic or something.

triplebhoney said...