We are about to leave for church...but in the meantime, I will post. Yesterday, I ran 15 miles. The furthest I have run in over a year since I was training for the Arizona marathon. Justin ran 8 miles, the furthest he has EVER run! We were both tired yesterday but still managed to cheer the Mavs on to victory over the Spurs! Today we are only a little sore. After my run, I had to write my annual self-review and 4 reviews of staff. It took me about 4 hours. Not bad. Now I only have one staff review left to write today. I hate writing reviews. I know it is important but it is hard and time consuming.

Lately, I have become obsessed with the Twilight series. I am half way through the second book. Justin hates the books b/c I am obsessed and ignore him while he watches TV at night. But I can't help it. I even have trouble working b/c I want to be reading about Edward, the vampire. I is sad.

Sorry, no pics lately.


CrazyUncle said...

Kathie and Alison both zoomed through the Twilight series. I didn't even try. And I have been toying with an idea for Clarity of Vision about annual reviews and having to write your own. We'll see if I get the twist it needs for me to create it.

The Dishmons said...

Don't give in Justin......everyone keeps telling me that since I am not able to work that I should read the twilight series....I just can't do it....! Glad you guys had a good run should post a picture of Justin running.....:)

Auntie Eisel said...

Congrats on your run! I'm jealous! Katie finally got me started on running and now I'm afraid I've got shin splints too. Stupid shins. I don't think I could go 15 but I would love to at least try 8!!