About two weeks ago, we got a note on our door saying they were re-doing the sidewalks on our street and would be to our house in 3 to 5 days. They arrived yesterday. The whole sidewalk in front of our house is torn up and there is construction, people, and cars up and down the whole street. Despite the mess, I had a nice run this morning. 3 miles. Not too hot comparitively to some of my recent runs. It was 78 degrees this morning but at least it was windy.

We filed the Sally return on Saturday so now I can go back to only working 50 or so hours a week. I guess this is the time I should just be thankful for job and get back to work :)


NEWBIE said...

I love the hole in the yard. Isn't your yard supposed to look nicer when there are 8 Mexicans in it all day? This seems backwards.

Granddad said...

I wish we had a new sidewalk.