Beyond Portland...

After Portland, we headed down to Banden, OR. It was sooo windy that day we could barely walk on the beach. We stayed in a bed and breakfast right on the beach. Other than that we thought our inn keeper may be a serial killer, we enjoyed the little town.

Next, we visited Newport. On our way there, we went to the sea lion cave which is one of the largest sea caves in the world and filled with sea lions. We saw some awesome beaches and looked for tide no avail. In Newport, Justin and I went deep sea fishing. Luckily, I did not get sick but we each caught only one fish. More than half the people on our boat got sick. One poor boy threw up the entire 5 hour trip! When they first told us to find a fishing pole along the edge of the boat and drop our lines down, I couldn't figure out why there were poles along one side, the front, and the back, but not along the other side. Well, we figured it out pretty quickly. That side was for puking over the edge! We had lunch at Local Sea Food...a favorite spot on the trip. We even ended up eating dinner there as well! That same day, we went to Depoe Bay. We saw two gray whales out in the bay and watched them for awhile.

The next day we headed to Astoria. We stopped by Cannon Beach on the way. The little town was packed! Evidently it is a favorite spot to spend July 4th and it was July 3rd. But we did get some great pics. It wasn't windy this day but it was foggy! The beach was perfectly still and we actually got warm for the first time on the beach. We also visited the Lewis and Clark national park for Justin. We also went to a beach with a ship wreck from 1906. The next day Justin and I headed home while Mommy and Daddy headed up to Canada!

The shipwreck

Replica of the fort Lewis and Clark built before they headed home

M & D on the beach

Daddy posing with his capri's

Justin and the fish

Me and the fish...they look a lot bigger when you let the smallest person hold's an old fisherman's trick

Me fishing on the ocean!

Cape Perpetua

Lighthouse we went up near Newport

Bandon just outside our inn

Pretty sunset in Newport


Granddad said...

Great post, loved the pics, what a great fisher girl you are. We love you