Portland and the Columbia River Gorge

After Seattle, we made our way down to Portland and the Columbia River Gorge. We only spent one night in Portland but Justin and I did get a chance to walk around downtown until the sun went down. The next morning we visited VooDoo Donuts. I will post some pics of the donuts once I get them from my mom. But here is the store front. Then we toured the gorge. There were waterfalls and one mountain. I thought it was pretty but ask my mom how much she liked it :) The lodge at the top of Mount Hood was pretty cool. The ski area there is open year round and many top skiers train there in the summer. Also, part of the Shining was filmed on the outside of the lodge. Wow, I almost forgot the covered bridge tour...Justin's favorite part of the day!

Restored covered bridge

Mount Hood ski area

We think this part was used in the Shining.

Mount Hood

VooDoo Donuts...headed to the beach!

The Columbia River

Multnomah Falls....second highest year round waterfall in the US


CrazyUncle said...

Thanks for the photos. I have been wanting to go to Multnomah for years. So, your verbiage sounds like you will get some pics of the donuts once your Mom gives you the donuts. You probably meant that she has the photos, huh? Cool.

Brenda W said...

We still have yet to go to Multnomah Falls, or seattle for that matter. Looks like you had fun. Love the new blog banner and background

Granddad said...

Sure are enjoying the pics and the
account of the NW trip. Learn a lot in Houston, I got a CPA ? for you later. Keep pics acoming


Anonymous said...

That sounds so awesome!!!!! Hope 2 see you all soon!!!