I will break our trip down for you so you don't get overwhelmed. I can't really start at the beginning b/c my parents have most of our race pics and they aren't back yet. So I'll start with after the race in Seattle.

We visited Pikes Place Market, the locks, and the space needle where we had dinner. The dinner at the space needle was one our favorite parts of the trip. We rode the monorail to the needle. The last time my mom was in Seattle was for the World's Fair in 1962. She rode the monorail then and visited the space needle. Both were built for the World's Fair. We stayed downtown and got to explore there quite a bit. Seattle is a great town and stayed nice and sunny for us the whole time!

The only problem we encountered was with our rental Escalade. Yes, we rented an Escalade...actually it was a free upgrade. The first one had a flat tire about two miles from the airport. Justin and my dad had to change the tire on the side of the freeway and we took the car back. The second car appeared to be working fine...until it started smoking. The car started smoking and could barely make it up the hill by our hotel. So my parents took it back. Luckily, third time was a charm.

The market sign

The famous flying fish

The locks (they put 18 boats in this one)

View from the needle

R & D on the monorail

Justin's favorite shot of the needle


CrazyUncle said...

I am with Justin on this one. I love that photo of the Space Needle. It looks like a shot of the International Space Station.

Granddad said...

Sure do enjoy your posts and the pics. Congrats on the fine job you did in the race. We loved you doing that. Keep posting, so we can keep up with you. Love ya