Welcome Home!

Today Justin and I went to the airport to welcome home one of Justin's best friends, Jeff. He arrived in Dallas today after spending over a year in Iraq. This was his second tour of duty but now he is done! It was so sweet to see him reunited with his new wife. They got married a few months before he left for Iraq. We had a good time catching up with him and some other friends at lunch and are looking forward to having our friend back in town! I posted some more pics from the marathon on Facebook...go check them out.


CrazyUncle said...

Well, bless your little heart for taking time out to go to the airport. Y'all were good friends to use up part of your afternoon to do that. All we did was go over to the folks to welcome Zachary and family back to PHX.

The Dishmons said...

Yeah! So glad he is finally back!