Blog Stalking

So if you know me well, you know I love to read blogs. I stalk quite a few people via blogs that I know, once knew, or have never even met. My friend recently sent me a new blog that I am really enjoying. I've been reading the old posts to "catch up" between tasks at work. This basically means, I make deals with myself that go something like this...if you finish reviewing this schedule L, you can read one post...when you get through ten M1 entries, you can read another post. Hey, it keeps me going during long hours :)

Anyway, this new blog is written by the mother about her family. Her family is in the ministry and has chosen to minister to underprivileged children. They live in the neighborhood of the children they minister to. They call their ministry Mercy Street and it is basically a place where children can hang out. They have church and dinner there once a week. They also take the kids to camp every summer. The family keeps their house open to the kids all the time and they usually have one or two extras at dinner every night. They are also acting as foster parents for two of the children that were basically homeless. The first post I read was about taking the kids to camp and what a struggle that was but what a reward it was to see these children turning to the lord. This lady both inspires and challenges me as I think of how her whole family has given up what seems like everything to live with and minister to those in need but yet she seems more happy and fulfilled than most of us. Did I mention they already have 4 kids of there own? Here is a link to her post about camp.

Another story from her blog really touched me. They took another little boy bowling with their family. At the end of the night, he ask if he could come live with them too. When the dad explained to him that he couldn't, he ask if he could after the other two foster boys moved out. How sad and what a need this family is filling!

I am rambling tonight....but I have another funny blog stalking story. Justin and I were at Blue Goose this weekend eating dinner. I looked up and saw Suz, the quad mom and her husband! I was so excited! I've been reading Suz's blog for over a year. She has quads and lives in Fort Worth. I have never met her but love her stories. I told Justin that if she had the kids with her I would have had to go up and meet them!


NEWBIE said...

Your nuts!

Alison said...

Lindsay, I may not blog stalk but I am obsessed with reality TV. I will watch almost anything that has "real people" on it. I hope you have a good weekend and Happy Birthday.

Brenda said...

I must confess that I blog stalk too. It is funny how you feel like you know someone so well yet have never met them. Glad to know I am not the only stalker.

CrazyUncle said...

I don't really look through random blogs. I do have a few programming-related blogs I check, but I wouldn't know the author if they came up and jullienned my fries.