Twitter/Facebook Hookup

I am sure all of you have been on pins and needles wondering what I am doing every second of the you check my twitter feed...and nothing. Well, I have remedied that situation. I have been updating my facebook status and neglecting my twitter status. The reason is simply I have more friends on facebook and therefore get more responses. But there is not a way to post your facebook status to your blogger blog and so my twitter status would sit at the top of my blog for weeks without an update. Today, I hooked up an application that will publish my twitter status to facebook. So now, I update my twitter status...the app sends it to facebook...and the twitter button posts it to my twitter feed on my blog :) Now you never have to wonder what I am doing. Of course, I could have saved myself the trouble and just told you that I am at work which would cover my status most of the time but what would I have done on my lunch hour out at a client all alone!


CrazyUncle said...

Whew! I was RUNNING on fumes wondering what you were up to. Thanks for JUMPING over to your computer and JOGGING my memory about your life. You do need to keep the WALKERS updated.