Lindsay Needs

Ok, I read this on someone's blog and decided to try it. Then I thought my results were funny, so I decided to post it. You type your name into the Google search bar and type "needs" after it (i.e. "Lindsay needs"). Then write down the first 10 things that come up.

1. Lindsay (still) needs coffee.

Ha, I guess that's true...I never drink coffee so I probably need some.

2. Lindsay needs to go to rehab.

Someone isn't telling me something

3. Lindsay needs a bra.

Wait...I hate bra's

4. Skinny Lindsay needs some food.

I wish that were true

5. Lindsay needs to lighten up.

I'll take that one to heart

6. Lindsay needs to stop wearing fur.

That's wrong with wearing fur? In the words of my husband...God gave us the animals for a reason.

7. Lindsay needs Dr. Drew...and a paycheck.


8. Lindsay needs help!

I do!

9. Lindsay needs a housekeeper.

This is my favorite :)

10. Lindsay needs a hug.

Or is this...

It's my blog and I'll write boring, pointless posts if I no complaints!


CrazyUncle said...

Maybe Lindsay needs to get a life. No, this actually sounds like a funny way to get your creative juices flowing. Wait, am I saying Randy needs more creativity? I might be, since I am really low on queued-up Clarity of Vision. Thanks, niece.

Lindsay said...

i did this once and got annoyed that everything just referred to lindsay lohan. :)
cute blog!