Football and the Fair

Not sure why I haven't updated lately. Alot has been going on so it is not for lack of interesting material. We have been to 3 Baylor games resulting in 1 loss and 2 wins. Bryan and Ashley went to all 3 games with us and we got to eat at Heitmiller, Ninfa's, and Bushes! The Morris' made it to 2 of the games, well 1 game with all 3 kids and 1 game with Walker and Aaron. This Saturday it was pouring down rain in Waco. We braved the weather and sat in the rain under our poncho's or raincoats for the first half. It stopped raining for the second half but we were still wet when we got back to Dallas. We had fun anyway and were glad to not be hot like the other 2 games. We also had Sophie June's 2nd birthday and Ford's baptism. Justin and I took this past Monday off and went to the State Fair of Texas. As usual, it was a great time. We sampled many fried favs including fried butter, fried queso, and a fried dinner roll. My favorite was definitely the fried queso! We also saw our friend Big Tex, some farm animals, and the car show. Today we had a football party with Ashley and Bryan. Too bad the Cowboy's lost :( You may want to visit Kara's shutterfly page for more
birthday pics as well as other family photos....turns out I didn't get very many.

Miss June hamming it up at the Baylor game.

The birthday girl.

Fried is better than it sounds!

Hi Big Tex.

Justin's rain skirt at the Baylor game.


CrazyUncle said...

Fried butter!? I think you have a friend mind! Where's the good fried stuff like Twinkies and Snickers? Did Big Tex say howdy to all the Pardners?

Brenda said...

I must admit that fried butter does not sound good at all. I would try it though.