White Rock Marathon 2009

This past Sunday Justin ran his first FULL marathon! I am so proud of him. He did great! I ran the half. I trained for about 4 months to finish in under 2:30. I ended up letting Justin use my Garmin GPS watch during the race so I was a little nervous about how to stay on pace. I had a pace bracelet on that said what time I needed to be at each mile. The only problem was, it took us a little while to cross the start line. So I was unsure of my exact time when I crossed each mile. So I just kept on running not wanting to slow down b/c I thought I was only on pace to finish in about 2:28. Well, I when I crossed the finish line, it was 2:27 and with the time it took me to cross the start line, I had a chip time of 2:15! I beat my best time ever and finished 15 minutes faster than I planned!

My parents met me at the finish line and almost missed me b/c I was ahead of schedule. We took off pretty quickly to go cheer Justin on at mile 19. Kara and her family met us there. Justin looked pretty good at that point. After he passed, we went to the finish line and met some of our friends and Justin's sister and mom. Our friend Matt met Justin at mile 22 and ran to the finish with him. It was so much fun to get to cheer Justin across the finish line and share in such a huge accomplishment!

After the race in front of American Airlines Center

Justin with his medal

Justin crossing the finish line - he is in black

Me at the finish line

Justin at mile 19

The mile 19 cheering squad


Brenda said...

That is so awesome!! Congrats to both of you. I have desires of running a half some day. We will see..