Better Late Than Never

Here is a quick run down of our Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving week. I took the whole week off and used the time to get ready for Christmas! I finished almost all of our Christmas shopping in two full days. Then on Wednesday I cooked and cleaned to get ready for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving morning Justin and I headed out to the Turkey Trot. This was my third Trot and Justin's first. It is an 8 mile race that starts in downtown Dallas. You wind around downtown right past the grassy knoll. Then you head over one of the Trinity river bridges and back over another. On the way back you get some great views of the skyline. But you'll have take my word for it b/c I didn't run with a camera. Actually, you can see some of the photos by clicking here and then searching for my bib number (1008) or Justin's bib number (1009). After the race, we rushed home and got ready for the Ward family to come over. We watched the Cowboy's game and stuffed ourselves. The Ward family left in the early evening and Justin and I enjoyed a quiet evening after our busy week. On Saturday, we went to the Baylor vs Texas Tech game at the Cowboy's Staduim in Arlington with Justin's family. We had a tailgate before and then almost cheered the Bears on to victory. We had a great time at the game and I can't wait to go back for Justin's birthday!


CrazyUncle said...

Happy Birthday! Oh, I was just reacting to the title of today's post. Well, I've got to run, even though you are talking about trots and things.