Snow, Bears, and Hearts

Last week we had a record snow fall in Dallas. It snowed for almost 24 hours straight. It was beautiful! Everything was so white. I don't remember ever seeing that much snow in Dallas. We went to the Baylor v Missouri basketball game on Saturday with Ashley and Bryan. The Bears won in the final seconds and we got to celebrate at George's! Then we spent Sunday at my parents with the whole family celebrating Valentine's Day. Too bad its back to work tomorrow.

This was sometime in the middle of the snow storm :) The next morning the streets and everything were completely coverd.

Pretty snowy tree in the back yard.

Baylor blimp at the Baylor game.

At the game in our Baylor gear.


Brenda Walker said...

Beautiful Snow pictures! Glad you had fun at the game! Is the snow staying around or has it melted away?

CrazyUncle said...

You have a photo labeled "in the middle of the storm." How do you measure the middle? Or maybe middle is anytime between 1 minute into the snowfall and 1 minute before it ends?

On the tree photo, is it a snowy tree that is pretty or an extremely snow-laden tree? Come on. As a accountant-type, you should be more precise.