I've been a slacker so a long update

What a beautiful day in the Big D today...mid 70's and bright and sunny. That is quite a change from our record cold winter! Makes it hard to concentrate though...maybe that is why it is a 2 coke day. And by coke I mean one diet coke with lime and one coke zero :)

Justin and I have had a fun two weeks or so. Last Tuesday, we went to my second Stars game. Our uncle Joe gave us tickets in the Platinum section and we went with Ashley and Bryan. Now I want to go to another game and sit on the glass! Last Saturday, we went down to Waco to watch the Bears beat the Longhorns! Sic 'em! Kara and her family and Ashley and Bryan all went with us. We had Ninfa's and then enjoyed the game. I am getting excited for March madness since we will get to cheer on the Bears this year!

The Saturday before Justin and I ran the Cowtown half marathon in Fort Worth. I ran with two of my running buddies, LT and Ronda. It was a fun course and great weather for the event. We went to Joe T's after and enjoyed Mexican food on the patio. That was my 7th half marathon! What a blessing running has been in my life. I have met great friends, found a fun hobby to share with my husband, and found a sport I love! I think Ashley has some pics from the race. I will post some when I get them.

I can't believe it is already March. It has definitely been busy season at work! But I just finished my returns due 3/15 so now things can go back to normal. This busy season has been interesting. Since I got promoted in the fall, I have alot of new clients and responsibilities. I am very excited for some of the new opportunities. I would explain but you probably wouldn't understand the tax technical talk. Let's just say, the new types of projects are just what I need to help round out my experiences at this point in my career.


CrazyUncle said...

I can speak some tax talk. How much taxes did you pay last year? Double it and send it in before 4/15. Pretty good, huh?

The Sparkmans said...

Wow you all seem really busy, but it nice to see a new post lol.Hope to see you all when we come down next weekend.