Easter Weekend

The Ward's had a great Easter. The day started with a class of 6, 8 to 12 month olds. Nothing like a nice challenge to wake you up. Then we met our friends Amanda and Jose for the Easter service upstairs. We heard a great message about why the resurrection was necessary. We had Justin's entire family (16 people) over for Easter lunch. We also celebrated Susan's (my mil) birthday. I even made her a chocolate cake :) It was great to see Josh and Kristen (in from Lubbock), Amanda, Josh and Adah (in from CA/CT), and the rest of the crew from Arlington. Those not mentioned are no less important...we just see them more often. We also got to spend Monday evening with all the Ward kids!

Last night I went to Waco for another recruiting event. We got to tour the $5M Baylor basketball facility. It was quite impressive. My favorite quote of the night...as we approached the men's locker room..."we can go on in, I think they should all be dressed by now. oh, (as he opened the door) maybe we should go in the training room first". Yep, we almost saw more of the Baylor team than we bargained for! It was a fun treat to see the facility and see some of the players after making the elite eight this year!


Kyle and Marci said...

Yea for Baylor Basketball...we seriously have to get together at a football or basketball game. It's ridiculous how many games we've both been to and not seen each other!

CrazyUncle said...

So, you got the bare truth, then the Baylor bears, and almost the bare players. Wow, you barely escaped bear country, huh? Thanks for the update. I am going to take a Bayer aspirin.

Brenda said...

Glad you had a great Easter! I love having family over! Especially ones from out of town!