Cowtown in Color

Here are a few photos from the Cowtown Half Marathon that Justin and I ran. The race was on February 27, 2010 in Fort Worth. Ashley and Bryan came out to cheer us on and be our official photographers.

The Two Finishers

I think this looks like he is in a movie...maybe in slow mo with triumphant music playing.

At least I look fast in this one :)


Zachary said...

You voluntary runners are insane. I run voluntarily only so that when I am made to run I don't pass out!

CrazyUncle said...

You DO look fast. Of course, what you implied was that this was at the end of the race (when I am sure it was at the start but you are embarrassed to admit). And you have inspired me. I think I will buy Kathie and I some fake medals and have someone take a photo of us in downtown PHX so it looks like we ran a race.