Friday Fab Five

I never really kept up with doing my Friday Fab Five but a friend of mine did hers today and I thought it would be fun. So below are 5 great things about this past week.

1. Our fun weekend of service as detailed in my last post.

2. I had a fun evening Tuesday watching Justin play sand volleyball. It was a perfect night to sit outside and I got to hang out with some friends of ours that play with Justin that I don't see very often.

3. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday with a tex-mex dinner at Don Pepe's. They had a live Mexican style band and we had a great time.

4. I went to CVS this week and got 4 body washes...I paid $2.75 for these and got $5 to spend at CVS in the future. So basically CVS paid me $2.25 to buy the body washes. Plus I didn't actually pay anything b/c I had CVS bucks from a prior transaction. I am just getting into couponing but it gives me a high :) I have some transactions at Albertson's planned for this weekend!

5. I got my new Vera Bradley purse in the mail last Saturday. It is really cute and summery and best of all, I got a great deal. Don't ask me why I still don't have a Mother's Day gift for my mom. That part doesn't belong in my fab five.

Happy Friday everyone!


CrazyUncle said...

When I would serve in sand volleyball, I could never get the sand to go all the way over the net. But that's just me. Plus, when I would spike the sand, they kept calling a foul on me for throwing sand. What's up with that?