Two weeks in row

This week was long and to be honest not the best week. But surely I can find 5 fab things about it anyway.

1. Fence Building Project and Dinner- We spent all day last Saturday building the fence we raised money for through the garage sale. The ladies in the group cleared a very over grown flower bed and replanted it with 3 knock out rose bushes and an herb garden. Tina (the widower) had told Steve she would love an herb garden. The bed looked great and Tina was so surprised at all our progress. We are hoping to finish the fence tomorrow. After building all day, our group went to dinner at one of our favorites, Tony's, and had a fun end to our day.

2. Texas Roadhouse - We celebrated Mother's Day with the Ward's last Sunday. We had a great lunch at Texas Roadhouse an old favorite. We used to go to Texas Roadhouse in Waco all the time so it brings back old college memories. I remember visiting my sister at Baylor while I was still in high school. We went to Texas Roadhouse with her friend Rebecca. We all got house salads with our meal and when they arrived, Kara looked at mine and said, "Oh, no. You forgot to say no cheese or eggs!" Luckily, I like my salad with cheese and eggs. Not sure why I remember that so vividly :)

3. Clean House - My husband cleaned the house for me after work yesterday. Enough said.

4. Holy Frijoles - Last night Justin and I went to dinner at Holy Frijoles because we hadn't gotten to spend much time together this week and wanted some relaxing fun. We had never tried the place before even though it is just about a mile from our house. We had a great time and will be going back.

5. Cereal - For my facebook friends, you may have seen Justin's post about getting 28 boxes of cereal this week. Well, I was a little frustrated with myself b/c I let the cashier rush me and bought the wrong brand of one type of cereal and therefore, ended up paying more than I needed to. But I am still excited that I got 28 boxes of name brand cereal we love to eat for $18.50. That is about $.66 a box. If I hadn't messed up, it would have cost only about $10. Oh, well, still a good deal and we now have cereal until October by Justin's calculations. And no, it won't go bad by then...the expiration's are all in December.

Now with all that material...I expect lots of comments...surely one of my fab five interested you :)


Kyle and Marci said...

I love the cereal story! That cracks me up. Where are you storing 28 boxes???

Alison said...

I love Texas Roadhouse. I used to go all the time when I lived in Dallas. We have one here but I have only been to it once or twice.

Brenda said...

ok so I want to know how you got that many for so cheap. Did you use coupons plus in store deals? I love using coupons! Please tell me your secret.

CrazyUncle said...

Wow. You can remember all the way back to your college days so clearly? Aren't you amazing?

28 boxes of cereal is a lot of mostly unhealthy breakfast provisions. No, I am not saying I don't eat cereal every day, just that you could feed a small village with that. I suspect that, when Kathie and Ali are away at Disney next month, there may be more than one day when I also have cereal for dinner. What would THAT do to Justin's calculations?

Mmm, the rolls at Texas Roadhouse. They may server food, too. I cannot remember anything but the stinkin' good rolls.