Build-a-Bear - September 6th

Today we took Sophie June to build-a-bear for her 3rd birthday! She loved it! She choose a Hello Kitty to build and dressed her all up in pink complete with hot pink uggs! She had no trouble making decisions on what to get and seemed pleased with her choices! Then we walked around the mall and slid down the giant planters. SJ threw some pennies into the fountain. She was all business with this...just one penny after another without so much as a grin! To top off the day, we had lunch at Chick-fil-a. We ask SJ what she wanted to drink and she replied, "milkshake." So cute! We had a great time and hope she did as well!

Aunt Lindsay and Sophie June in front of Build-a-Bear

Stuffing Hello Kitty

She made her choice!

Uncle Justin dressing Hello Kitty in all pink!


and Sliding!


CrazyUncle said...

Love the sliding on the planters. I am sure you did it, too, and just would not let hubby take the shot. You sneak.