Baylor v TT - October 9th

We went to the fair last night b/c we had tickets to the Baylor v Texas Tech game on Saturday at the Cotton Bowl. The tickets got us into the fair on both Friday and Saturday. We knew the fair would be super crowded for the game so we went on Friday to enjoy the fair. On Saturday, we got up early and took the train to the fair. We had time to walk around some before the game at 11. The game was really close but we ended up losing. At half-time, we went down to the front and sat on the 40 yard line about 4 rows up. After the game we enjoyed some more traditional fair food! I had another corn dog and fried queso!

Fried Queso


Me at the game

The Cotton Bowl

Justin before the game


CrazyUncle said...

Nope. Fried queso does not look that good to me. I think I'd rather try the fried butter. Or fried Coke sounded good. And fried Frito Pie sounds good.