Homecoming Part II - October 23rd

We got up early this morning to head out to the parade. We decided to go downtown and catch the beginning of the parade to avoid the crowds on campus. What we failed to consider was the other people that would be downtown...that's right...the Wacoans. We had to relocate down the street a bit but finally found a spot next to some well behaved future Baylor bears.

Then we headed out to do some tailgating before the game. We ate gut packs at the gut pack shack and enjoyed March of the Bears. The March of the Bears is when everyone lines up and cheers as the players get off the bus and head to the stadium. We got to our seats nice and early and then the game began...and then it stopped! That's right, 1 minute into the game, it got delayed due to lightening. This meant at least a 30 minute delay. We all headed under the stadium at the recommendation of the announcer. We waited under what we thought was an over hang that would shield us from the rain. Well, the over hang didn't really stand a chance next to the giant storm that ensued. Ashley and I tried to cram under the stands with about a million other people! Thank goodness for our ponchos! Justin and Bryan gave up and went back to our seats. They were also nice enough to give a poor little girl one of our extra ponchos.

After an almost 2 hour delay, the game began again. And it was an awesome game! We beat K-state to get 6 wins and the guarantee of going to our first bowl game in 15 years!

The Gut Pack Shack

After the game

After the storm...I loved the sunset behind the clouds

Waiting for the storm

March of the Bears...RGIII

Me and Bruiser

One of my favorite floats

Probably my very favorite float...it had a Ferris wheel and a working roller coaster

This is blurry but I wanted everyone to see what I have to deal with every day!

Justin and Ashley...two proud Baylor Bears


CrazyUncle said...

My favorite float is root beer. And it's Gut Pak, not gut pack.