Walker's B-day - October 30th

In honor of Walker's 5th birthday, Justin and I took Walker to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. The special exhibit was the animatronic dinosaurs which we were sure he would love. We started out the day at Fuzzy's Tacos and then took the light rail to fair park. Walker loved the dinosaurs although he was cautious not to get too close unless I was holding his hand. The science part of the museum was fun as well with lots of activities for Walker to enjoy. He dug for dinosaur bones, experimented with gravity, bubbles, heat activated cameras and much more! After the museum, we capped off the day with Cold Stone ice cream! We all had a great time! Plus Walker made my day b/c he posed for all the pictures I requested!

Me and Walker

Justin with t-rex...I think he is scared :)

Walker and t-rex


CrazyUncle said...

I don't experiment with gravity anymore. In fact, I use it everyday, whether I need to or not. Unfortunately, I do not use or experiment with Cold Stone Creamery nearly enough. Happy B-day to Walker.