The Mavs Parade

Thursday was the big Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship parade in downtown Dallas. The parade route went down the road directly in front of my office. Since the roads surrounding our office were scheduled to close at 8:00 am, everyone who wanted to see the parade came in around 7. The whole office had a very fun, excited atmosphere as we watched the parade preparation from the 18th floor. Plus we got to wear jeans and Mavs shirts for the celebration. Our building opened up the 5th floor which is currently vacant for all of us to go down and watch the parade. It was really cool b/c we were five floors up directly above the parade. Plus, we got to watch everything in the air conditioning as it was over 100 degrees outside that day. I thought the parade was really cool and had fun seeing Dirk with the biggest smile I have ever seen and Mark Cuban waving the trophy from his convertible! They said about 250,000 people were in attendance. It was fun way to wrap up a great season!

Look at that crowd!
Ha, you can see our reflection!
Cuban and the trophy!
Dirk, Kidd, and the JET
View of the crowd weird to see all those people in my normal view!


CrazyUncle said...

So from that elevation, Dirk must have only looked your height. Still, that's pretty cool.